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The Child is Father of the Man

Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting

By Ignatius Fernandez


222 pages

ISBN - 978-1497463387



About the Book:  

The Child is Father of the Man: Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting

Did the world suddenly change the day you became a parent? Since then have you wondered how best you will care for your baby who grows into your toddler and then into a young child? Is the prospect of raising a stable, happy and responsible child merely wishful thinking?

You are not alone in this quandary. Welcome to the club of puzzled parents - with the largest membership in the world!
To most parents raising children as best they can, falls far short of unspoken expectations. This book, which is a storehouse of practical ideas, can help bridge the gap. LEAD PARENTING is the prescription.

Using the collective insight that he and his wife gained over decades of raising four children, the author offers a thought-provoking, relevant and actionable guide to parenting. His suggestions to change and grow as a parent are practical and specific. Examples and scenarios he presents are from real-life situations that parents encounter regularly and connect with readily. Going beyond immediate issues and challenges, he also looks at what is round the bend.

The Child is Father of the Man Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting, is written with the conviction that parenting is the most important vocation in the world. Investing in this book could be the most significant decision you make towards managing your parenting role.


The Author:

Ignatius Fernandez, Senior Manager, Professor of Management Studies, Corporate Trainer, Counselor and author, has brought to the book, The Heart Has its Reasons, his hard-won experience in managing, teaching, training, counseling and writing. Interacting with people of different age groups and backgrounds, he has fine-tuned his style of writing, to give readers a comfortable feel as they turn pages. He has already published four nonfiction books. The Heart Has Its Reasons is his fifth. He has also contributed over sixty articles to Professional and Religious magazines and papers, and two American Sites. His sixth and seventh nonfiction books will be published soon.  He also speaks at Parent-Forums.

He hosts a blog on Parenting, the link to which is:


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