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The Golden Rule 

For Empowering Professional Relationships

By Ignatius Fernandez


346 pages

ISBN - 978-1495371752



About the Book:

THE GOLDEN RULE offers time-tested ideas and techniques that can empower our professional relationships.

It is the engaging story - nonfiction that reads like fiction - of a group of professionals who embark on a journey to discover a role model who will inspire them to change the way they act, react and interact. Their search culminates in an encounter with a role model beyond compare - JESUS CHRIST - the supermodel, and not the religious or spiritual leader the world has known. He is an outstanding leader who walks tall, a powerful communicator who touches minds and hearts, and a peerless teacher who influences by example.

The life and times of Jesus Christ have been analyzed from many perspectives, but never before from the corporate angle with focus on professional relationships, as in The Golden Rule for Empowering Professional Relationships. Jesus' example stands out not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct. In short, Jesus emerges as the definitive leader in every respect.

As we start the monumental journey with the characters in the plot, we will find that the Golden Rule goes beyond being a maxim and becomes the very essence of evaluating our personal and professional lives. We uncover secrets, unlearn past programming and make a paradigm shift in the way we act, react and interact. If we are looking for a book that has the power to transform us, here it is ---THE GOLDEN RULE.

The Golden Rule 

The Author:

Ignatius Fernandez, Senior Manager, Professor of Management Studies, Corporate Trainer, Counselor and author, has brought to the book, The Heart Has its Reasons, his hard-won experience in managing, teaching, training, counseling and writing. Interacting with people of different age groups and backgrounds, he has fine-tuned his style of writing, to give readers a comfortable feel as they turn pages. He has already published four nonfiction books. The Heart Has Its Reasons is his fifth. He has also contributed over sixty articles to Professional and Religious magazines and papers, and two American Sites. His sixth and seventh nonfiction books will be published soon.  He also speaks at Parent-Forums.

He hosts a blog on Parenting, the link to which is:


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