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The Heart has its Reasons: 

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

By Ignatius Fernandez


131 pages

ISBN - 978-1494788452




The Heart Has Its Reasons, Looking Back Looking Ahead. What if we could look ahead while still looking back? What if hard-won insight was ours to use when we needed it? This short book puts such possibilities within our reach. In a series of brief articles, the author explains important thoughts in relating to God, oneself and others.

These insights, gained with age and experience, nudge us to find a new path. Then the rest of our journey becomes transforming. With God back in the center, others in their rightful place, and we striving harder, our relationships could regain the luster they once had. The heart, the seat of love, looks back to learn lessons and looks ahead in hope. When lessons of the past become sentinels for the future, we gain peace and joy.

To attain that state we must learn to open our hearts to God and others. The theme on the heart throbs in the two parts of the book: One, Love yourself and bleed for others; two, Love God above all else.

Twenty-two chapters, a Prologue and an Epilogue pump love-loaded blood. Here are some drops from that blood:

  • Reflections on the year gone by

  • Does evil serve a purpose?

  • Does pain heal?

  • How do we respond to those who offend us?

  • A crusade for healing

  • Why do we treat God so badly?

The author does not stop at asking questions. In a simple and direct style he answers them without preaching. Journey with him to look upon a new horizon!

The Author:

Ignatius Fernandez, Senior Manager, Professor of Management Studies, Corporate Trainer, Counselor and author, has brought to the book, The Heart Has its Reasons, his hard-won experience in managing, teaching, training, counseling and writing. Interacting with people of different age groups and backgrounds, he has fine-tuned his style of writing, to give readers a comfortable feel as they turn pages. He has already published four nonfiction books. The Heart Has Its Reasons is his fifth. He has also contributed over sixty articles to Professional and Religious magazines and papers, and two American Sites. His sixth and seventh nonfiction books will be published soon.  He also speaks at Parent-Forums.

He hosts a blog on Parenting, the link to which is:


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