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In his thirty years of study and dedication to the spiritual forces of the Universe, it became apparent to Michael Phelan that being in Harmony with the Universe included becoming aware of our innate healing abilities. Handle with CARE: The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing provides an extremely accessible framework for utilizing those abilities. Through the Four Principles contained within the CARE anagram, we find:

Michael Phelan provides detailed examples of one of the most important benefits of full realization of these Four CARE Principles; our ability to promote healing in ourselves and others through a simple and intuitive process of Expressing Life Force Energies through our hands and fingers. Michael calls this method Digi-Ki. This book provides client examples, personal experiences and numerous illustrations of this natural and accessible methodology, and more:

Learn to access your innate healing abilities without inane rituals, attunements, postures or other complex nonsense. Discover your true identity and proper relationship with the infinite power of the Universe.

About the Author

Michael Phelan has earned international acclaim as one of America’s most knowledgeable Mind-Body-Spirit healers. Contributions to the fields of energy healing and therapeutic modalities have put Phelan in touch with groups like New York hospice nurses seeking certification to work with extremely ill and elderly patients who can receive the benefits of healing and comfort when treated with skills acquired under the teachings of Michael Phelan.  He has recently developed his own unique hands-on energy healing modality called Digi-Ki… more


 The teacher appears. Michael Phelan's Handle with CARE: The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing is the perfect combination of a patient teacher who is more than willing and able to provide universal knowledge in a way that is easily digestible, applied, and retained.

Just when I thought the pace of the book might be a little slow for my liking, I was suddenly fully engaged. Three weeks later, I continue checking and engaging my CARE system and resulting Ki energy. I'm hooked.

He is a teacher who doesn't tell the reader what to believe throughout the book. Instead, he provides examples and ideas allowing the reader to establish and reestablish their individual belief system. His ethics are impeccable.

Michael Phelan takes the reader through a typical energy session, giving enough information needed to facilitate a session as well as enough knowledge to be an informed client. This awareness might encourage a person to seek this type of work as well as use the techniques described on themselves. I have applied several techniques on myself and have noticed positive results.

After buying the needed hand weights, I started following the simple yet effective weight routine. I think having the eBook makes doing the routine much easier than having to keep the book open to each picture. This `older' body is already appreciating these carefully assembled exercises and the very helpful diagrams throughout the book.

As a former massage and bodywork instructor and school director, I would recommend this book as part of all body and energy work curricula. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is interested in discovering and using the healing energy inherent within each of us.

PS: There is a lot of information available in this book, probably more than any one person will absorb. My best guess is that if you are interested in the book, there is knowledge for you somewhere in the pages. The rest of the information will get tucked away for future use, or not.

~ Carrie Louise ~  Author of Life, Soul Being Soul

Handle with CARE:  The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing

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