Ignatius Fernandez, Senior Management Professional, Professor of Management Studies, Corporate Trainer, Counselor and author, has brought to the book, The Heart Has its Reasons, his hard-won experience in managing, teaching, training, counseling and writing. Interacting with people of different age groups and backgrounds, he has fine-tuned his style of writing, to give readers a comfortable feel as they turn pages. He has already published four nonfiction books. The Heart Has Its Reasons is his fifth. He has also contributed over sixty articles to Professional and Religious magazines and papers, and two American Sites. His sixth and seventh nonfiction books will be published soon. He hosts a blog on Parenting, the link to which is:


He also speaks at Parent-Forums

He has received encouraging feedback from readers. Some comments are: 'Delightfully simple', 'honest', 'sincere', 'genuinely interested in his readers'.

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