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About the Book:

Approximate length ~  57 pages.

Kavar, needing the help of an intelligent dragon goes in search of Sofiria in her cave high on a mountain. What follows are many thrilling adventures that are of help and fortune for all concerned; the high priestess, Kavar, Sofiria and all the intelligent dragons that are left. A very important long time secret is discovered, danger lurks in unlikely places and magic and lessons are learned.

The first of a series of Kavar stories will be sure to entrance you with wanting more. The Kavar stories are the inspiration of Ruth Petersen-Taylor who cleverly weaves Kavar into circumstances that would baffle the most inspired and intelligent of wizards. As new as he is to the business, his very innocent presence becomes his most useful tool in helping his friends and community. These stories are very inspiring and a sure read pleaser.

Ruth Petersen-TaylorAbout the Author:

Ruth Petersen-Taylor is a new fantasy writer who enjoys writing about both wizards and vampires. She loves bringing rich characters to life and creating imaginative new worlds for them to populate.

Her plans for future writing include more short stories that feature Kavar and Sofiria, as well as a collection of fantasy, horror short stories to be released soon. A cook book of simple healthy recipes may also be on the way co-authored with her husband, Dylan.

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About the Book

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