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Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do is an experiential guide to mastering both your inner and outer lives. Self-empowerment is essentially the Key to everything. This book offers you that Key. Our journey of self-discovery is more than mere words, rather an immediate experience of true Harmony with the Universe. Utilizing tangible experimentation, within the anagram CARE, you experience yourself at the Center of the Universe, Allowing its infinite power to flow through your mind, body and spirit. As you Relax completely, you begin to discover and Express your true, natural self-empowerment experience.

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The tone of Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do may be one of its most important assets. It manages to strike the proper balance between the solemn and the intimate, earnestness and jest. It is presented in a manner not so much of instruction, but rather friendly communication of many varied yet essentially related topics. Author Michael Phelan’s entire presentation is a true illustration of “teaching by example” rather than telling someone what to think.

Most of all, I found Michael Phelan’s book Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do to be accessible, while the exercises and concepts were easily achievable. I have now been exposed to some new and old “Mind-Body-Spirit” concepts from entirely new perspectives and uncovered areas where I had accepted previous teachings without questioning validity or personal truth. More than a book of words and concepts, it became, for me, a true journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Most “Self Help” books either tell you what to think, how to think, what to ask and what the answer will be when you do ask. Michael Phelan’s book Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do does none of those things. It truly allows the reader the space and freedom to experience and embrace the vibrant material first hand. In the end, real self-empowerment can come no other way. 

Author Michael Phelan’s book Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do is not a collection of words and concepts, it is an experience. If the ancient Oriental saying is true “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I experience and I know,” then readers of this book will easily become living examples of its powerful, empowering message. 

Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do offers a remarkably grounded presentation of a relatively spiritual topic. Discussions of being in “Harmony with the Universe” and “Accessing Life Force Energy” can easily become airy and transparent “New Age” nonsense, but author Michael Phelan has an accessible and entertaining style that truly brings the joy of this transcendent and transformation experience down to earth for readers of all beliefs.

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