Michael Phelan has earned international acclaim as one of America’s most knowledgeable Mind-Body-Spirit healers. Contributions to the fields of energy healing and therapeutic modalities have put Phelan in touch with groups like New York hospice nurses seeking certification to work with extremely ill and elderly patients who can receive the benefits of healing and comfort when treated with skills acquired under the teachings of Michael Phelan.  He has recently developed his own unique hands-on energy healing modality called Digi-Ki.

Utilizing tangible experimentation we can find our natural and dynamic potential. Beyond limitations we discover our true self, and the Key to that self within the pages of his book: Why You Should CARE: What Happens when You Do.

He has recently finished his latest book Handle with CARE: The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing. This book was an obvious and necessary follow up to his first book. Incorporating the Four CARE Principles from his first book into ones life, they will naturally experience an opening to their innate healing abilities. His new book fully covers hands-on-healing for one's self and extending it to others.

Michael Phelan has worked and taught in the field of hands-on energy healing for more than thirty years. In the early 1970s, building on his intense research and study of Asian religion and philosophy, yoga meditation and Tai Chi, he began practicing a martial art called Aikido. It became apparent that these particular arts could be applied to everyday life situations, including mental, spiritual, and physical healing techniques. In conjunction with Aikido’s approach to controlling the powerful Ki energies, Phelan began to study a Japanese healing art utilizing this same Ki flow, or healing energies from the fingertips.

Michael Phelan and his wife Maria moved from New York to live on the Southern Oregon Coast where Phelan is dedicated to the healing arts. He continues a healing practice while teaching, writing and facilitating various workshops. With his background and holistic experiential education he is able to impart intimate understanding rather than functional information, to make empowerment a demonstrable reality, both in  his workshops and his new books, Why You Should CARE: What Happens when You Do, and Handle with CARE: The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing.

"I believe a great teacher is one who has the ability to simplify the complex, recognize how a student learns and adapt their teaching style to mirror that; giving their undivided attention and patience when assisting the student with a problem and persevering until the 'aha' moment - Michael is one of those teachers." ~ Joseph A.E ~

Why You Should CARE: What Happens when You Do

Handle with CARE: The Digi-Ki System of Natural Healing

By Michael Phelan

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