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About the Book

Self-empowerment is essentially the Key to everything. Within these pages you will find that Key. This journey of self-discovery is more than mere words, but rather the immediate experience of a true partner/relationship with the Universe. Utilizing tangible experimentation within the anagram CARE we find our true, natural and dynamic potential. Beyond limitations we discover our true self.  

A Journey for (Your) Self-Discovery

Imagine a spiritual journey to the Center of the Universe. You Allow its infinite power to flow through your mind, body and spirit. As you Relax completely, you begin to discover and Express your true and natural self-empowerment experience.

You Will Discover

Providing the tools for complete life transformation, Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do offers the opportunity for sustainable personal growth, so necessary in these stressful times. A life of exploring world religions and ancient wisdom, combined with unique personal experiences led Michael Phelan to the discovery and revelation of the simple secrets to understanding and utilizing the infinite power of the Universe. Why You Should CARE offers keys and paths to old wisdom and new ideas for individuals to gain mastery of both their internal and external lives. Complete with illustrations, this is a book that is created as a completely user-friendly journey in which Michael not only tells but shows how to gain confidence and success in a short amount of time. Why You Should CARE inspires a shift in the reader's beliefs and attitudes that is so total it enables a positive, life changing experience that becomes an experiential prerequisite for that transformation. Through illustration and experimentation, the reader immediately and intimately begins to realize the many benefits of coordinating and partnering with universal forces. Here are a few examples from the book.

More than mere information or intent, Why You Should CARE embodies and imparts the empowerment of experience within its Four CARE Principles:

Michael Phelan has written a book with instructions for going deeper into the process of understanding the Universe at its most basic and personal.

Experience It for Yourself

Why You Should CARE takes it to the next level. Similar books don't go as deeply or intimately as Why You Should CARE. Self-empowerment is essentially the Key to everything. Within these pages you will find that Key. This journey of self-discovery is more than mere words, but rather the immediate experience of a true partner/ relationship with the Universe. Utilizing tangible experimentation within the anagram CARE we find our true, natural and dynamic potential. Beyond limitations we discover our true self.

About the Author

Michael Phelan has earned international acclaim as one of America’s most knowledgeable Mind-Body-Spirit healers. Contributions to the fields of energy healing and therapeutic modalities have put Phelan in touch with groups like New York hospice nurses seeking certification to work with extremely ill and elderly patients who can receive the benefits of healing and comfort when treated with skills acquired under the teachings of Michael Phelan.  He has recently developed his own unique hands-on energy healing modality called Digi-Ki… more


"It is educational, inspiring, insightful, helpful and fun. In his very readable and humor-laced style, Michael offers us information, exercises, new perspectives and personal stories. How fortunate we are to have Michael with us on the planet at this time".

~ Avis A. Burnett, Ph.D. ~ Author and Founder of A Place of One-ness

 "Why You Should CARE delves into Michael Phelan's unique explanations of numerous self-healing techniques. It gives the reader concrete tools for self-empowerment. This book is a thought provoking, irreverent, witty guide to help us evolve at this crucial time on Planet Earth".

~ Evelyn Fuqua Ph.D. ~ Author of From Sirius to Earth, Cosmic Relationships, and The Wisdom of Athor

"Apathy has more to it than many know. "Why You Should Care: What Happens When You Do" is an inspirational read from Michael Phelan as he seeks to motivate readers into to putting their spirit into life, realizing the value of human potential, increase their own confidence, and realize the role of humans in the universe is greater than one thinks. "Why You Should Care" is a powerful and thoughtful read for those looking for motivation of life".

~ Midwest Book Review ~

 "`CARE' is indeed an appropriate acronym for Mr. Phelan's message to his readers. From beginning to the end of the book he expounds on the importance of each person choosing through his own `free will' the spiritual path he will take for building and nourishing the Life Force Energy within himself, and how he can successfully share that experience with others for their health and healing. His writing style and pertinent anecdotes are sometimes funny, but always serious and right on message."

~ Reverend Paul Mounts ~

 Michael Phelan's book "Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do" will offer you the keys to empowerment at the center of your universe with visits along the way to numerous traditional and modern energetic healing practices including Reiki, Aikido, Holotropic Breathwork, Merkaba meditation, Therapeutic Touch and fire-walking. Guiding the reader along a winding and conversational path through these varied disciplines, he distills the essence of a daily, or rather, moment-to-moment practice into four components, or keys, that if remembered and practiced, promise healing and empowerment on all levels. Positioning himself as an empowerment specialist, he has chosen to present this essential knowledge in a context that provides accessibility and opportunity to readers regardless of whether they are schooled or engaged in other disciplines.

~ Tina Vecera ~ Author and Acupuncturist ~

Most “Self Help” books either tell you what to think, how to think, what to ask and what the answer will be when you do ask. This book does none of those things. It truly allows the reader the space and freedom to experience and embrace the material first hand. I really think that true self-empowerment can come no other way. I found the author’s entire presentation to be a proper illustration of “teaching by example” rather than telling someone what to think. 

Unlike some authors that subject you to overly complicated extrapolation, I found Michael Phelan’s book to be accessible, while the exercises and concepts were easily achievable. He often stresses the importance of returning to simplicity, rather than having us assume that lofty experiences need to be difficult to achieve. Upon reading this book, I have now been exposed to many new and old “Mind-Body-Spirit” concepts from entirely new perspectives, and with this book’s encouragement, I uncovered areas where I had accepted previous teachings without questioning their validity or its relation to my own personal truth. Upon re-reading this book, I enjoyed the journey again, and found it reaffirmed and validated my transformation and empowerment.

Michael Phelan talks (and demonstrates) mostly about connecting, partnering and harmonizing with the Universe. He seemed to avoid couching these experiences in the more traditional language of religious doctrine; probably to avoid dogma related congestion and prejudices.  But, since the Universe is also defined as “all that is”, I could not miss the spiritual implications.  

He did not condescend and profess his authority in areas of meditation, healing and spiritual enlightenment, but truly showed the bravery to share his own journey, with human vulnerabilities included. More than a book of words and concepts, I found someone willing to walk beside me. It became, for me, a true shared journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

~ Ria Taylor ~

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